Choosing a resume template

In a bid to creating a resume you might want to skip the stress of creating your format and get a template online to follow. While considering choosing a template, there are factors to consider in choosing the right template to best fit your resume.

These factors range from format to career goals, summary of experience, educational details and personal details. These factors must be properly presented in your CV. Therefore, you need to make sure that the chosen professional program model correctly presents these factors.

Ø Format

The three basic types of program format are chronological, functional and technical. The chronological format should be used if you want to display your rich professional history, which follows a clear career and a lot of professional experience. Your education and work experience can be properly highlighted in this format.

However, if you do not have a lot of professional experience and formal education, but if you have skills and aptitudes adapted to the job, the functional format would be ideal to highlight your attributes. On the other hand, if you have a lot of technical skills and want to highlight how you took on more responsibility at work, the technical format should be used.

Ø Professional layout

Trying to find free, easy-to-read, professional resume templates may seem complicated, but it can be done. Flashy summaries tend to backfire; in most cases, a simple, simple and clean cut creates the best impression.

In terms of professionalism, check that the layout is well organized, all the basic principles are covered (objective, professional background, training and education) and check that this information is not disorganized.



Basic things to be seen in your CV

  1. Personal information

You must also integrate personal information, including gender, age and languages spoken among others. You should not include details about your parents, religion, blood type and other unnecessary information about yourself, as this can distract your potential employer.

  1. Career goals

This is often overlooked specifically by novice applicants. The career goal includes an explanation of why you want to apply for the job and what you can do about it if you are hired.

  1. Summary of experience

The summary should briefly present your experiences, and should be available in the template you’re planning to choose — whether at work or at school. In addition, you must explain your roles in each experience to give the potential employer a hint of your skills and abilities.

  1. Academic details

details of your academic success should also be included in the curriculum template. If you are an entry-level candidate, your educational information is important in providing potential employers with information about your performance during the school years.

Finally, Make sure the template you are using for your professional CV has the correct format for the job you are looking for. When reading your CV, an employer should think “wow, this job seeker is guided and organized by the details”.

Ø Duration

Another important factor to consider is the number of space boxes available. Online curriculum template providers can provide different types of templates with varying lengths for the same section. You should choose the template based on the amount of information you want to provide. If you want to provide a lot of information, choose the longer version and, if you want to be precise and simple, a shorter version would be preferable.



Ø Type

It is preferable to choose a specific template designed specifically for the job for which you are applying, rather than a general program model, in which you simply fill in the blanks.

If you cannot find a specific model for your needs, you can choose the model designed for work similar to your interest.

Ø Relevance or chronological

You will usually find two different types of free templates for online resumes. They tend to focus first on relevance or on the most recent achievements. You can actually use an or and place your previous work in the order of your preference (relevance or date).

It is also important to note that the models can be rearranged. Suppose you find a model with training and education before the job history, but want it changed. To do this, copy and paste into Microsoft Word.

Ø Compatibility with Microsoft Word

Most job seekers use Microsoft Word to write their CVs. If you want to download free resume templates from the Microsoft Word website, compatibility is not an issue. Suppose you download a template from a third-party website; will this document open in Word? Will it keep its original shape? Is the spell check still intact?

If you notice any problems, such as a misalignment of the head or automatic deactivation of the spell check, follow the steps to correct the problem or select a better model.


Importance of a suitable template

Your CV is the first thing your company’s HR will get when you apply for a job. As such, your first image in the eyes of the employer will be created based on your CV and whether or not you receive a call for interview will also depend on the impression created by the CV. Online curriculum templates are created for specific types of jobs and ensure that no information is left out. They guarantee that the communication is precise and attractive to the employer without taking up too much time. When filling out curriculum templates, you will need to focus on your qualifications and include all of your skills as well as those that can be matched with the skills required by the job.


You also don’t have to simply choose a free resume template. Do you have any favorites? If yes, choose both; create two different versions of your CV. It can also be used as a test.

Note which companies get which resumes and see which resume format gives the most job interviews. If you find that one CV works better than the others (even if only the layout of the format is different), consider using it for the rest of your job search.

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